The last 7 years of the ugly war in Syria resulted in disastrous effects on the entire country; almost all Syrians either lost their relatives, friends, homes or jobs. However, it seems that the children are the most affected class in this war.

These circumstances have stunned the children’s eyes, extinguished their innocence and turned them into victims at an early age. As the Syrian crisis still continues, more and more of children’s wigging and abuse has been conducted. There has been an increasing awareness of this real problem among the Syrian people and the organizations.  

Children in conflict areas are being abused in different ways such as child labor, child slavery, child sex tourism, trafficking, rape and sexual harassment. The most controversial matter is that children are recruited as soldiers. They are forced to fight for the profit of the terrorist groups fighting in our country.

In some places, children have been deprived of the opportunity to learn, because in some conflict areas they closed the schools, banned every scholastic activity, and impose curriculums that are compatible with their ideas to create an ignorant generation. A generation that is unaware of science and education. What ISIS does in the areas under their control is a clear example on that. In addition, they have banned playing video games, watching TV, meeting their friends and enjoying their time like other children.

At last, these practices against children can as it is known affects their physical and mental development because in this horrible circumstances children are suffering from fear, feeling unsafe, and unprotected.  This may lead them to the swamp of crime and terrorism when they grow up. 

In order to curb this dangerous phenomenon, and rebuild our country’s future; it is necessary to establish strict prosecution and tough punishment when possible for those who exploit children and their innocence. To educate families and encourage them to pay attention to their children and to monitor them constantly so that they do not fall into the trap of exploitation. Saving the Syrian children and new generations are the road to salvation and making Syria strong again. We must all stand up together and fight every danger that faces our children.


Lava Abdullah is 6th year medical student in a 6-year program at Damascus University. Lava is from kamishli, Syria. I’m interested in medical research and volunteer work. I have always wanted to become a professional surgeon and now a researcher, since I joined the faculty of medicine. I believe that science and research are the cornerstones to the development of our nation, and I will work hard with my colleagues to reach the scientific level we aspire to in Syria. Lava may be reached at


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