Lessons of Unity and Division

As we all know, today isthe day where Donald Trump is taking charge of the U.S. presidency. A very important event in the American history. The results of the elections, whether manipulated or not, showed that about half of the American population supports a Trumps presidency, and the other portion doesn’t (regardless of the electoral college votes). These results brought dissatisfaction and disappointment to many Americans, and it also created a noticeable gap within the public opinion, unlike previous elections results.

I believe this upcoming period of time will be very challenging to the American society. A period that can be disastrous to this country if people didn’t know how to properly act towards any expected obstacles. In my opinion, Americans should learn a lesson from other countries’ experiences, specifically Syria, rather than exploring the experience themselves since it might bring harm to the country. I hope the American people don’t divide themselves, since division between the Syrian people has really hurt our country. This is the time where all people should respect each others’ opinions and focus on their commons goals, which includes loving and building the country. Because eventually, we all want the best for our countries, but our approach differs from one another. Thus, there should be a common ideology that would bring everyone to work all together to have a better outcome.

Mazen Alhourani

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