Planting the Seeds of Knowledge

ss-blogLiving in Syria has become so difficult and tragic, and at times this seems to be impossible day after day. We’ve lost everything we own in the war in Syria. I’ve lived through the worst times that Syria has faced during my life time. I am searching for better educational opportunity, so that I can gain the knowledge I will need in order to build a foundation to achieve all  of the projects I am dreaming of. I feel like I have a lot to give.

I believe in the importance of volunteer work in general, which is why I recently worked with TEDxYouth on the technical team.  As a student, however, I prefer teaching children and helping my colleagues at university in their studies.

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I believe that “Great things have never came from comfort zones, [but one must] work hard and see how amazing you can be.”

I believe that “The pain you feel today will be the strength you feel tomorrow;” I feel that after living through the worst time Syria has been facing, I have learnt a lot and I feel that I have a lot to give.

I believe that teaching is the basic way of planting the seeds of knowledge in the new generation that will build the future.

I believe in the power of education and how it can change the present and solves the problems that facing us.

I believe because so many teachers have believed in me from my earliest days as a child and have inspired a love of reading and science – and learning.

I want to say, that I won’t give up. I must keep improving my skills until I find a suitable chance that will help me further advance my studies in order for me restore and heal my country of Syria. So that I might return the gifts given to me as a child by my teachers.

About the author:

Bayan Zeino is an advanced undergraduate at Damascus University currently pursuing a degree in Computer Engineering; her interests include science and new technologies and she has been active in numerous scientific competitions.  In 2010, Bayan participated in the Syrian Scientific Olympiad in Chemistry that was held at the national level; in 2011, Bayan also competed in the Syrian Olympiad in the field of Informatics.  An accomplished violinist, Bayan has strong interests in global issues, especially in the field of education and the promotion of eLearning.  Beyond her undergraduate studies, Bayan has an interest in medicine, health care and engineering.  She dreams to make a difference, and to make the world a nicer, kinder and more peaceful place. Bayan may be reached at

Guest Authors Initiative:

The IIT Syrian student blog welcomes guest contributions from university students from Syria and around the globe.  To learn more about the Guest Authors Initiative, please contact Suhaib at

Suhaib was born in Kamishli, Syria, and earned his bachelor’s degree in December 2014 from Illinois Institute of Technology’s Armour College of Engineering, with earlier studies at Aleppo University and Damascus University. Suhaib majored in Civil Engineering with a concentration in structural engineering. Upon graduation, he accepted a position as a project engineer working on projects throughout the state of Illinois; he lives in Springfield, Illinois. Suhaib previously worked with Jasmine Baladi Studio, an NGO that works to support Syrian children in refugee camps in Turkey. Suhaib regularly writes for the Syrian Students for a Better Future Blog.

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