Walking Away from IIT’s Graduation Ceremony Towards Our Future

Jamal Kharrat
B.S. in Computer Science
Class of 2016

I came to Chicago in September 1st, 2012, and I learnt so much in school, and achieved way more than expected myself to. There was always an inner force that pushed me forward and motivated me to do more work. My next steps will be acquiring experience in the tech industry and building software that changes the world.

Toufik Simo
B.S. in Business Administration
Class of ’16

Although it took me 8 years, 3 universities, 3 cities, 2 continents and one gigantic deadly civil war to graduate school, I was certain this moment would eventually come.

I am more excited for what my post-graduation life has for me. While making sure my career in banking is going the right way, I am devoting some of my time in attempting to understand the bigger picture of the world we live in and understand where I currently fit in and where I want to fit in.

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