Top 5 Reasons Why I Want to Be A Business Analyst

When I first started my degree in Civil Engineering I was really excited to learn everything on how to build things and solve complex problems. I knew I had a passion for finding solutions and understanding how things work, which made me believe that civil engineering would be perfect for me, especially since I have a solid background in math, physics, and sketching. However, as I started attending classes, I noticed that I was less interested in highly technical civil engineering classes, and more interested in classes related to organizations operations, business processes improvement, and business analysis. That interest was confirmed after I got an internship last summer as Business Solutions Analyst at Textura Corporation, where I gained valuable knowledge in technology business analysis. I fell in love with this role from day one, and that great experience gave me the insight I needed to make a decision about my future career focus, and ultimately encouraged me to switch to Engineering Management in order to gain a more relevant educational background.

It is fair to say that there are many reasons that made me interested in pursuing a career as a technology business analyst, and I wanted to share some of the top ones through this article:

1- Impact, Impact, AND Impact

One of the main reasons I want to be a business analyst is because I always measure the success of my work through the positive impact I leave on the company’s goals, product’s improvements, and client’s needs. Therefore, when working to improve a process, whether it is related to a functionality of a specific product or to the internal operations of the production team, I always think of how many people I am able to help through my work, and I believe that making a product or a service more efficient allows me to interact and help teams internally to get the job done, and spreads my impact beyond that to reach clients who benefit from the product and work with it on a daily basis.

2- Working With Different Teams and Different People

Another thing I love about being a business analyst, is the chance this role gives me to work with people from different departments in the company who have a variety of great expertise, and always have interesting perspectives to add to the table. During my internship as a business solutions analyst, I worked on projects that needed continuous work and collaboration with developers, testers, client services representatives, and other business analysts to get the job done, which allowed my to leverage my communication skills and to learn a lot about each department’s role and value to the company.

3- Understanding Clients and Their Needs

I think that one of the very interesting aspects of a business analyst’s job is understanding the core need of the client, and working with the development team to fulfill that need. The idea of being a part in developing something that people are in need of, and that makes their lives and work much better, encourages me to always give my very best to get the job done.

4- Continuous Improvement and Evaluation

The beauty of this role is that business analysts are always evaluating their product’s performance, which gives the company a great advantage in terms of staying on top of the latest trends and implementing clients’ feedback with every new step. Moreover, being able to study data and information about the behavior and preferences of clients allows for a more accurate and educated decisions making, that ultimately provides improved solutions for both the clients and the company.

5- New Challenges 

One thing I value about the business analyst role is that there is no typical day in the job. Everyday a business analyst is faced with new challenges and new problems to solve, which makes it a perfect job for someone that values a dynamic and challenging work environment, and allows one to continuously develop their problem solving and critical thinking skills

In general, I believe that this role has so much to offer in terms of a long term professional career, and allows one to continuously learn new techniques to tackle complex business problems and find innovative solutions in today’s technology driven economy. Therefore, I am looking forward to start my future career as full-time technology business analyst once I graduate from Illinois Institute of Technology at the end of 2016.


Illinois Institute of Technology
Bachelor of Science Candidate, Engineering Management

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