Aleppo, one of the oldest cities that has been continually inhabited is going through what might be the toughest time in its life.

Aleppo is the biggest city in Syria, and probably one of the richest cities with the great culture that developed throughout history. Aleppo has always been famous for its iconic artists, great food, and stunning architecture.

Aleppo has been under severe attacks and bombings that are targeting every building and everyone, including children, hospitals, schools, and homes.  Each of these attacks change the face of the city as we know it, and foretell the beginning of a new humanitarian crisis with the absence of the necessary medical care.

I had the privilege to study in Aleppo University for two years and I still consider these days as the happiest/best two years in my life. I have a lot of great memories in Aleppo and it is very hard for me to see what the people of Aleppo are going through and the destruction of such an amazing place.

I want to share few pictures of my favorite places in Aleppo. I have visited every single place that I am sharing with you, but I am afraid that few – perhaps none – of them still looks like that today.

I know that Aleppo has survived a lot of crises over the course of its history. I just hope it survives this one as well.

Suhaib Ibrahim

Illinois Institute of Technology

Armour College of Engineering

Aleppo University

Suhaib was born in Kamishli, Syria, and earned his bachelor’s degree in May 2015 from Illinois Institute of Technology’s Armour College of Engineering, with earlier studies at Aleppo University and Damascus University. Suhaib majored in Civil Engineering with concentration in structural engineering. Upon graduation, Suhaib accepted a position as a project engineer working on projects throughout the state of Illinois; he lives in Springfield, Illinois.

Suhaib previously worked with Jasmine Baladi Studio, an NGO that is working to support Syrian children in refugee camps is Turkey. Suhaib regularly writes for the IIT Syrian Student Blog and can be reached at

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