Chicago Against Trump

This evening I went to both a Trump ‎protest and then a “rally”.

I talked to people from both sides; Protesters were against his racist, xenophobic, anti-immigration rhetoric (nothing new), while supporters valued his strength, “saying it as it is” language, and foreign policy views. However, none of them had a slightest understanding of issues or coherent views on pretty much anything.

Some things they said: “we don’t want Syrian refugees, they should stay in Syria” when I informed them about war the man responded “Trump can end the war in Syria but first they have to pledge to give us their oil”, “We should cut off trade relations with Japan and China because we Americans can make better products”, “Japan and Germany should pay us for deploying our army to protect them”, “Saudi Arabia should give us 50% discount on oil because we protect them”, ” Trump is great a businessman, therefore he will be great for economy”, “he donated for republicans and democrats so he knows it all”, “he traveled the world so he knows how to deal with everyone”, “he wants to pull us out from the world and focus on America”. None of those statements make any kind of sense to me.

The protest was big but not huge(initially), while the line to get into the rally was HUGE (the longest I have seen), I was surprised that he had that many supporters in Chicago.

When I got in, I figured that 90% of people were actually protesters and when the police called off the event the crowd was pumped and extremely proud for forcing Trump to leave to save himself a public humiliation. Some supporters were furious and calling protesters some of the nastiest and most racist names I have ever heard but to be fair protesters used some nasty words (not racist) too but were targeting Trump himself, not his supporters.

Chicago proved to be an extremely civilized city with zero tolerance for racism and hatred. But after all this is democracy and freedom of expression which I came to deeply appreciate in this country.

George Batah

Illinois Institute of Technology
Stuart School of Business
Class of 2015


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