Three Reasons to Consult With Peer Career Coaches on Campus

peer-career-coaches_pmHaving been only a couple of weeks in my new position as a Peer Career Coach at Illinois Institute of Technology, I can already see how beneficial this program is for students on campus. Beside the fulfillment I get from helping my fellow students in preparing their resumes and pursuing their career goals,  I believe that this program offers students the flexibility they need to get their resumes reviewed based on their preferred schedule, and allows them to trust experienced students to provide them with the professional advice they are looking for. I have listed below the top three benefits of consulting a Peer Career Coach on campus.

1- Gaining a Student Perspective on Job Search Strategies

Even though general best practices apply to everyone when preparing resumes and cover letters,  each person has their own unique style when building their professional profile, and there are many situations where career coaching experts disagree on minor style preferences such as using different font color for sections titles or using a cream or light gray paper to print the resume on, which doesn’t necessarily mean that one style is wrong and another is right. This is why having a fellow student giving advice on resumes and cover letters encourages students to add style to their professional profile and get feedback on it from someone with similar viewpoint on style but more experience on content.

2- Having Relevant Background

The nice thing about getting professional advice from a fellow student is that they are experiencing the same things other students are, and they have more recent examples of their own experience in searching for jobs and connecting with industry professionals. In addition, peer career coaches share same majors and classes with a lot of students, which makes their advice very relevant to what other students are looking to gain from their education.

3- Experience and Insights on Different Job Positions

Most Peer Career Coaches have already interned in a company or worked a part-time job that helped them gain professional experience and general knowledge about different industries and positions, which expands their role beyond reviewing resumes and cover letters. More specifically, students can learn from Peer Career Coaches about positions they have heard about, and get the chance to understand how these positions would fit into what they are looking for from someone with similar interests and background.

In general, students must use all resources provided to them to get the best results. Whether it is professional career coaches, experienced classmates, professionals working in the field, or the university’s alumni network, each group will add value to the student’s current understanding of their major, and will help them go into the right direction that fits their preference and career goals.

Illinois Institute of Technology now offers peer career coaching services for its students to provide the flexibility and assistant students are seeking. If you are interested in getting your resume checked by a peer career coach make sure to check their availability on the Career Services Calendar. You can also read more about the program and the current peer career coaches through the official page on the Career Services website. Also, make sure to add them on Facebook to stay up to date with their events and programs.

Illinois Institute of Technology
Bachelor of Science Candidate, Engineering Management

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