Honoring Jermiron “Jay” Morris

We woke up today to a very unfortunate news from the main IIT campus, where most of us reside, that brought us great sadness.
The recent acts of violence that have been happening around our campus and in the Bronzeville neighborhood remind us of the ongoing crisis in Syria where violence became a daily nightmare that the locals have to deal with.
Having lived in similar circumstances, we consider the loss of our friend, Jermiron “Jay” Morris, a great loss not only to his family but for to all of us in the IIT community. In this difficult time, it is common to feel afraid and to want to give up hope on living safely within our community, but that would be a wrong response. It is these times that bring us together to stand in solidarity, comfort each other, and take on the battle against violence in all our capacities to put an end to the suffering of our neighborhood.
 We hope that Jay’s memory, similar to the memories of thousands of martyrs of violence in Syria, wouldn’t be a sad one, rather a constant reminder of the importance of coming together in times of difficulty to stand as one and reject violence in all shapes and forms.
In the memory of Jermiron “Jay” Morris
The board of the Syrian Club at IIT
Chicago, Illinois
28 Jan, 2016

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