Standing Up, and For Each Other



Over the last 4 years my Facebook home page has always been about three kinds of people; ones that are against the government, ones that are pro-government and the neutral ones or in other words the people who are too scared to make a statement or don’t see enough reasons to stand withone side against the other. In a community like the Syrian community, Facebook has become the platform that controlled our real lives instead of the other way around. Because of the lack of any other means of discussion, Facebook became the only forum to express your political, religious and any other views.

Looking over how people expressed their opinions on Facebook, I can see a very negative impact on our community. There is no room for debate or discussion; there is only room for defending yourself or attacking others while arguing that the other side is completely wrong and should be labeled as mentally ill people.

This impact was clearly shown after the tragic attacks that took place in Lebanon and France. People decided to mourn for those individuals based on the country’s political involvement in Syria. France for some pro-government people deserved what happened. They supported the revolution and now they are tasting their own medicine. Lebanon on the other side also deserved what happened for some pro-revolution people because Hezbollah is supporting the government in Syria. Others just believed that this is karma getting back at France and Lebanon for their own creative and illogical reasons.

Well the way I see it is that you can’t mourn people based on their government’s actions. North Korea is a dictatorship and everyone agrees with that. Does that mean that if North Koreans die somewhere then we shouldn’t mourn them? Do we make our decision by who’s in power and the current head of state? Innocent people died; you can’t say BUT and justify why it was ok. Those people who died could be pro-government, against government, activists or anything else but that does not matter. What matters is that in those attacks, we lost 200 people and they all deserve to be honored and mourned. A friend of mine once said “There is no BUT in humanity. No killing of civilians is justified and no amount of but’s in the world can make it okay.”

It is true that many Syrians are suffering around the world and in their own country but many of them got to safety because of the help of non-Syrians. Governments might have not done a lot when it came to the Syrian crisis but people did. People around the world stood with us and today it is time that we stand with France and Lebanon because we are humans and that’s what matters.


Information Technology & Management, IIT

Class of 2014

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