Harvard Arab Weekend Building Bridges: Uniting for a Brighter Future

From IIT to Harvard: continuous reporting about seven Syrian students from Illinois Tech.

We were fortunate to travel to Harvard to join some of the best Arab intellectuals in the Arab world and North America.

The best and most important aspect for us about being here at Harvard is joining in and being part of serious and organized discussions on the problems and solutions in the MENA region.  The Harvard Arab Weekend conference offers a a comprehensive way –supported by the experience of attendees and keynote speakers – to consider and address the issues, to frame a range of proposed solutions and help us identify the ways and the barriers facing the implementation of these solutions.

Gaining insights from like minded students from around the U.S., sharing views on the future of our country, and hearing stories from the 1100 attendees here at Harvard gives us inspiration and hope that Syria is not just a breaking news headline we see on TV.

Being at Harvard reminds us of the importance of education in building a community that relies on the critical thinking abilities of its young people to tackles its problems and generate solutions.

This summary provided here follows the conversation between Toufik Simo and myself after the first networking session yesterday. We thought it would be valuable to share this summary with those interested in learning more about the journey and reflections of the Illinois Tech Syrian student community especially as we are thinking about during this very challenging time for our country.

Majed Abdulsamad

College of Architecture

Illinois Institute of Technology

Anticipated Bachelor’s Degree: December 2015

Toufik Simo

Stuart School of Business

Anticipated Bachelor’s Degree: December 2015

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