Kalona Fall Festival


One of the great benefits of us coming to United States other than having a great education and working in this beautiful country is to make great friends.

Last week we were invited by our amazing friends Cal and Shirley to attend the Kalona Fall festival in Iowa and to spend the weekend at their lovely house.

Kalona is a small town in Iowa that is a lot different from Chicago. Houses over there are far from each other and the nature is just stunning. The main thing you notice about Kalona is the people and how nice they are, I can easily say the people in Kalona are the nicest people I have ever my so far. We’ve been there only 2-3 times before, but we already know so many nice people there.

My favorite thing in Kalona (other than Shirley’s great food) is the morning walk with Cal, which takes place early in the morning, and right after that Shirley will be waiting for us to have breakfast. Every time we go there they usually have planned schedule for us where we can see some new places.

I will share below few pictures from our trip (Alaa, Katie, George, and I) to Kalona last week.









Suhaib Ibrahim

Project Engineer, TERRA Engineering

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