A New Semester with Syrian Club at IIT


Hey everyone,
I am writing on behalf of the new Syrian Club board members to introduce ourselves, our mission and tell you about our events and goals for this upcoming semester.
The Syrian club is a non-political, non-religious organization at IIT, aimed to present the Syrian cultures to the IIT diverse community through free events throughout the semester on and off campus. As Syrian students, we try to show our true cultural identity through this organization, away from the sad stories of war that can be seen in the news. Our club has a rich mixture of students from various Syrian ethnicities, cultures and religions.
In previous semesters, we have held events like our Cultural Day, the Taste of IIT, vigils in remembering the martyrs in Syria. We have also performed at the International fest, and organized a Bowling tournament, a pool party among many other events on campus gathering hundreds of students from all nationalities and backgrounds.
This semester, we will be holding the following events:
Syrian Cultural Day : Oct 5th (12-2p.m) in MTCC
-Spot the Syria: Oct 26th (12-2 p.m) in MTCC
Taste of IIT
and will be representing the IIT community at the Harvard Arab Weekend in early Nov.
Keep an eye for our upcoming emails and posters around campus and make sure you come out for our events as they are FREE and have plenty of delicious food that might be hard to find around campus.
Thank you for signing up for our mailing list and remember to check the new board of our club below this message.
Warm regards,
Majed Abdulsamad
Mailing list sign up: http://goo.gl/forms/XggdLLtRnF


Majed Abdulsamad
5th Year architecture student.It takes less than a day around me to recognize my passion for soccer, political and social movements, skyscrapers and everything that you could possibly relate to architecture, or food. But mainly architecture.

unnamed (1)

Lama Almansour
Junior in Information Technology and Management with a minor in Business administration.
I’ve always heard many times that there are a low percentage of girls in Technology field. Therefore I’m interested in knowing the reason and being part of the solution.

unnamed (2)

Mazen Horani
Vice President
Senior in Information Technology and Management
My favorite sport is soccer. I played for many years and I currently play in the school team. I hope one day I can use everything I learned and will learn to benefit my country Syria and rebuild itunnamed (3)Toufik Simo
Publicity Manager
Senior Business Student
Coffee, chocolate and a thoughtful talk, a combination that never puts me down on any day. I am Syrian-Kurdish, which is the largest ethnic minority in Syria. Finally, my name means “Good luck!” in Arabic. So, Toufik to you in school!”unnamed (4)Farah Abdulsamad
Events Coordinator
Junior in Information Technology and Management with a minor in Architecture
I come from the city of Homs in Syria, where my parents still live today. This is the second year I join the board of the Syrian Club and I am looking forward to our best semester yet on campus.

unnamed (5)

Mouhannad Safadi
Junior Biology major
I love to play beach volley ball and go hiking, I am a little excited about wild life, just a little bit. Don’t be fooled by my picture.

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