Supporting Syria from the streets and the people of Chicago


“We all have heard and seen in people in Syria. The refugee crisis has taken way too many lives. While feeling bad about the situation and discussing about it what most of us can do, there are a few other things we can do to provide help.

A little that we could do was go out on the streets of Chicago during Labor Day weekend and share the word about a petition to the US Government to increase the number of Syrian Refugees allowed in this country.
This petition needs 100,000 signatures for the government to take an action. If you all take just 30 seconds to sign this petition and ANYONE in the world can sign it, you don’t have to Syrian or American.
Yesterday we took this petition to the streets of Chicago and people were incredibly supportive.”
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Please share it with your family and friends too. It could be possible help that you provide for people in Syria.
Also, if you want to read up on other organizations that you could assist in providing help, here is a link:
Srishti Mehra
Illinois Institute of Technology
Editors note:

“This is how the world changes. When we live and study with one another – whether we are from Chicago or from far away countries, what begins to happen is that we are changed; our world “becomes more personal and ‘others’ become like family” as it were.

The issues that too often separate us become unified for us because this is no longer about another neighborhood, city or country but the home and families of my and our friends.

We are grateful for the way the Illinois Tech community, our new friends across Chicago and those we have yet to meet have come together in support of children, women and men of Syria.”


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