Designed in California for the Universe.

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This summer I had the privilege of working as a Software Engineering Intern for one of the most prominent technology companies in the world.

And since we are talking about prominent technology company, we definitely mean California, precisely the Silicon Valley. The beautiful the weather is in California, the nature, trees, landscape reminded me of the nature in Syria. These are few snapchat stories of me posting poems by Syrian poets describing the nature.(Yeah I still remember poems from middle school).


But aside from that, I got the amazing opportunity to work with one of the most talented, intelligent, and fabulous engineers on the planet. People who had a great understanding of Software Engineering, and work in this field with incessant passion, and dedication.

I was lucky to work in a place where a very substantial part of the software is written by us [the company], I saw how software gets developed starting from the kernel of the operating system, to the simplest animation on the display that takes milliseconds and your eyes barely notice.

What made me more happy than actually meeting those people, and working with them is actually contributing to the code, Yes! the production code, the code that is basically running on millions of devices right now. It made me really happy, that I’m actually contributing to the world, that I’m paying some of the technological debt back for using all these technologies for all these years, the same technologies that saved my life. (if I didn’t read the post on Facebook from Safari browser about the scholarship that night, I would have been still in Syria… probably).
At the end, I’m thankful for all those intelligent people in California who sometimes don’t get enough sleep at night to provide amazing technologies for people around the universe, so we can do more!

Jamal Kharrat

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