Global Impact: From Health Care IT to Helping Every Hungry Child


This summer I had the opportunity to join Allscripts Healthcare Company where I served as Quality Assurance Intern for the last 12 weeks.

My journey with Allscripts was incredible – and inspiring. Beginning from my first week, I was introduced to the wide range of their Medical Devices and the technical solutions that Allscripts offers to clients.   In addition, I was able to learn and observe first had the rapid transformation of the Healthcare system through the intervention of innovative technologies at the level of both software and hardware.

Community engagement and corporate responsibility represent a core value for the Allscripts Healthcare Company.  I’m very fortunate and happy that I was able to give back to the community with my colleagues at Allscripts by attending the Global Impact Day Event, where all the employees gathered at the Chicago office and with the help of Stop Hunger Organization, we were able to pack about 10,000 meals that were all sent to children in need to help reduce the amount of hunger globally.

My colleagues have taught me several important lessons that I will carry forward with me.  First, I have learned that IT and the Health Care field are undergoing a rapid transition; certainly, Syria will depend upon these innovations within the country and among those living in refugee campus that are home to too many Syrians.  Secondly, I will take with me the role of leadership to participate directly in partnership and collaboration to deliver humanitarian aid demonstrated on this day in Chicago.

I hope that some of this good work reaches my beloved country Syria and helps every hungry child.

Farah Abdel Samad

School of Applied Technology

Illinois Institute of Technology

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