Studios as Life: attitude makes the most difficult moments in life worth living for


Today my last architecture Studio in academia is done officially. A hard decision I have made in my life in 2012, moving from California to the unknown Chicago. It feels like yesterday when I arrived to IIT, and I was told, “You will start from 2nd year!” Whether it has been fair or not; It has been a rough journey for 3 years. It is not every student’s struggle. “Archi’s” struggle is quite unique. Suffering from Sleepless nights, lack of food and nutrition, absence of social life, and losing the sense of time while working on projects and many more challenges that “Archi” students go through.

After almost 9 years of studying design, architecture has taught me a lot of lessons:

I learned to keep going towards my goal even if people left you alone in the middle of the road.

I learned to believe in myself when no one else did and people tell me “If you are not good in architecture, just leave!”

I learned that passion could ease the pain, and it’s in the heart not in the brain.

I learned that “you can’t climb the ladder with your hands in your pockets”

I learned patience after redoing a work of multiple days.

I learned that professors are not always right even if they tell me, “You don’t need to sleep tonight.”

I learned to appreciate sleep, and learned that a dark roast coffee cup is my wine.

I learned that people who get A’s work for the people who get C’s.

I learned the more I know the more I need to know.

I learned that making people happy is a noble decision.

I learned that being perfect is impossible. It’s a goal that could be sought, but it’s unachievable.

I learned that studio friends are a treasure, and I will find no one like them ever.

I learned some of them become family.

I learned that the richest man isn’t who got the money, but the one who got a family!

Today isn’t the end,but a beginning of a new journey. I would like to THANK all my family members, friends, and beloved ones, for the unconditional support, and for standing beside me through those tough times. It has been real. #ArchiStudioClassOf2015

Mohammad Hatahet

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