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Run For Syria – You Caring Video

Four years into the conflict in Syria, there are 2 million Syrian refugee children. 400,000 of them are at the school age in Lebanon. 310,000 of them are out of school. You don’t need to have math anxiety to be scared by the numbers coming from Syria. They’re heart breaking and beyond overwhelming. Most of us would shake our heads and feel too small in comparison with this monster conflict, but what Syria really needs is action from all the good people out there who want to see real change and help in shaping a better future for Syria and the world.

This is an invitation to everyone reading this blog post to join us at the #RunForSyria initiative. Our goal is to raise $15,000: 100% of which will go to the Refugee Education Program run by the Jusoor NGO in Lebanon. We’ll be running at the hamptons marathon on September 26th and aiming to raise the full amount by that date. The refugee education program includes 3 schools in Lebanon: A Beirut center, a Bekaa center, and a tent school in west Bekaa. It’s 3 schools, 1200 children, 300 teachers and administrators, 200 volunteers and 10 scholarship recipients studying in 5 Lebanese universities. Happier numbers!

Jusoor is following the Lebanese Arabic curriculum for math, science, physical education, art and Arabic, additionally we have peace education classes and a tailor made English program which follows the Total Physical Response technique of teaching language. All students sit for placement tests in math and Arabic and the Jusoor team decides accordingly on the level of each child. There are 4 main levels (beginners, Level 1, level 2 and level 3) and upon completing each level, students move on to the next. Once they finish level 3, then we proceed to enroll them in public or private schools whenever possible, all students are tracked academically and followed up after entering formal schools. Jusoor also has partnerships with different NGOs to provide psychosocial activities for the students as well as hygiene sessions and basic medical support when needed.

To help us increase the number of Syrian children who have access to education, you can join us as a runner by going here or donate by following this link (or both!). We have 3 possible distances: a 5K, a half marathon and a full marathon. Follow the facebook event by going here.

Thank you for reading and supporting the education of Syrian children! I genuinely appreciate every dollar donated to this cause. #RunForSyria!

Nour Daoud

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