Celebrating 150 posts

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Today marks our 150th blog post! As of today, we have reached nearly 40,000 views spanning more than 125 countries around the globe. Shukran!

Since our very first blog post went live in August 2012, our mission has represented the following ideals:

**The IIT Syrian student blog is an independent writing project led by undergraduates enrolled at Illinois Institute of Technology that provides a non-partisan and non-political platform for reflections about our experiences as students since our arrival at Illinois Tech beginning August 2012. Our goal is to build a better a world and future for Syria and Syrian undergraduates whose education is being shaped by the current crisis in higher education in Syria.

**We do this by sharing our narratives and by adding context to our education. Over time, we hope that our collective stories will contribute to greater clarity, deeper reflection and more sustained conversation as to the role of higher education during a time of crisis.

**In addition, we hope that our narratives will support and amplify the efforts of our undergraduates across our globe who experience the disruption in their own educational experiences through war, violence, conflict, poverty, natural disaster, discrimination, prejudice, and other factors leading to the loss of their ability to further support their country and communities because they are unable to pursue advanced studies and research.

**The IIT Syrian student blog has had two editors and one associate editor since its inception, and we are grateful to the ongoing support of the entire IIT Syrian student community for their contributions and regular writings as well as our other supporters from other institutions and from within the IIT community.

**We want anyone who visits our blog to learn and share what’s happening within Syria, the MENA region, and our world. We’re fielding your feedback and ideas and suggestions. Please contact us at iit.syrians@gmail.com

As we think about the next 50 posts, we hope to not only continue to provide you with the best content but to continue fostering a stronger dialogue with our supporters and beyond in order to keep our large community better connected as well as to help ensure that more and more students have the opportunity to further their higher education aspirations, and to truly transform their lives and the lives of their communities and our country of Syria.

We couldn’t be more excited about reaching this milestone and would like to give an extra special thank you to all of our dedicated readers, and guest bloggers, and for your contributions and for your feedback and comments over the last nearly three years.

The people of Syria inspire us. We owe our country and our people everything.

The Syrian student community of Illinois Institute of Technology 25 May 2015

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