Screen Shot 2015-05-20 at 11.01.38 PMWooo what a two years IIT!

I can officially say I am an engineer. Usually I don’t study electrical engineering, but when I do it takes me 7 years. I still remember the 17 year old me entering University of Aleppo in 2008. I didn’t expect that in my fourth year I would have to leave my home, family, and friends behind. I spent one year in Turkey, and after that I was offered a scholarship at IIT. No words can express how thankful I am for this opportunity.

That wouldn’t have happened without the help of many people. People I owe my life to. I say thank you to every one of you. I thank my mom, dad, brothers, and sisters for being the best support one can ask for. I thank my friends who are brothers to me: Mazen, Tareq, Felix, and Suhaib. I thank my friends from back homeAbdulaziz, Ahmad, and Abood. I thank Geraldand Megan and every one else who was a part of making the Syrian Initiative possible.

My degree is in remembrance of my best friend Ahmad Alhaj Khalaf, who was a 2nd year Medical Student, and all of my friends and family members who died in the ongoing war back home. My graduation day is for all of you.

Alaa Alalliwi

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