Tears of pride in LA,

Last week I was in Los Angeles for Jusoor’s third annual conference, where  the birth of Jusoor Alumni Association was announced by one of the first Jusoor students in the US.
This announcement brought tears to people’s eyes and I will try to elaborate on this in few sentences to show how significant and meaningful those tears are.
two years ago, 14 Syrian Students, were able to come to this great country to continue their education due to the generous donations of Syrians, Arabs and Americans whom they have never met and of course the incredibly generous scholarships offered by the Illinois Institute of Technology.
Today, a little more than two years later, this group of 14 students, which later became a group of 39, have started their own scholarship program to give back to their communities and continue the cycle of good and expand it further. This scholarship will be single handedly funding one new Syrian student every year from now on, to continue their education in the U.S.
Back to Jusoor’s 3rd annual conference in UCLA, the tears in people’s eyes were the most touching thing I have came across in weeks. The donations given two years ago by those same people have been sustained and are now the spark that will start a, hopefully never ending, cycle of giving back and supporting education and therefore a brighter future for our country.
Knowing it or not, those donors have contributed, slightly but willingly, to build a better Syria. And to those, and to everyone who have believed in education for a better future, I thank you and promise, on behalf of all Syrian students, to bring tears of pride more often to you eyes. So bare with us.

Majed Abdulsamad
B.S Architecture candidate 16′
Illinois Institute of Technology


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