The Language of Silence

Last week I had the chance to read a very interesting book that discusses the power of introverted people and their chances to be a successful leaders in their societies.

Susan Cain’s, Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking” shares her own difficulties as a Wall Street lawyer with regard to public speaking. As an individual with a self-described “introverted personality,’ Cain concludes that this bias against introversion leads to “a colossal waste of talent, energy, and happiness, saying that it is ’the next great diversity’ issue of our time.”

In a follow-up Ted Talk on the same theme, Susan provides her audience – and us – the narratives and individual stories of other introverted people such as Bill Gates, Mahatma Gandhi, Steve Wozniak and so many other distinctive individual and their subsequent imprint in the history.

As a future engineer, my peers – architects, scientists, designers, artists and entrepreneurs – and I live in a world in which we build great (often big – and sometimes very small) things to improve our world.

And yet, at the most basic level, we must build strong families, neighborhoods, communities and countries that work together – peacefully and thoughtfully – even when we differ so greatly in our viewpoints and perspectives.

It seems to me that we must use our words and our silence to build a better human network and community.

And so, as a student more naturally drawn to mathematics, the sciences, and engineering, I now frequently find myself drawn to works about psychology, philosophy and literature; books that have caught my attention because they help me (and us) to understand the most complex machine, the human being.


Safouh Takrouri

B.S in Electrical and Computer Engineering
Armour College of Engineering

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