Graduated, again!

In May 2012, Two and a half years ago, I finished final exams of my senior year in Aleppo University.

I was happy i finished my education and graduated before things in Syria got worse! but it turned out that I did not!!!

Exam results came out saying that I need one more point in one of the classes in order to graduate!!
summer semester got canceled, because war started to get closer and closer .. and I had to leave the country .. and that side of the world ..

Here I am more than two years after, finishing my last exam in Illinois Institute of Technology, where I transferred to.

It took me 8.5 years to finish undergrad, but what matters is that i finally did it..
after all, I believe that missing point, which I cried a lot about, was a gift from God to lose..

Amer Rez

Bachelor in Computer Engineering

Armour College of Engineering.

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