Harvard Arab Weekend; Inspiring Solutions


Over the span of four days, from Nov 6-9, I was lucky enough to be present with some of the brightest minds from the MENA (middle east and north africa) region to discuss the future of that part of the world. Harvard hosted their 8th annual Arab weekend with the presence of roughly a thousand attendees from all around the world.

For those of you who have not heard of this event, I will summarize what you missed; it was a conference that gathered social activists, journalists, economic analysts, entrepreneurs, students and researchers from Harvard community and the Arab world. Throughout the four days of the event, I was able to see the bright side of the Arab world through talks and lectures on human rights, equality, social liberation, freedom of speech, art and culture.

I was thrilled to see the enormous potential of Arab students and professors gathering under the roof of Harvard and taking their responsibility to build a better future for their countries. Furthermore, the good number of American and international students who joined the HAW2014 to contribute to this cause sent a loud message of unity and compassion.

Themed “Inspiring Solutions”, the Harvard Arab Weekend 2014 truly inspired me and everyone who attended to stop thinking of the problems and the obstacles, and start creating ways to fix those problems, make a change and help the so-called “Arab world” to become a better place. Now the ball is in our court as Syrian students at IIT to join this great movement in making our world a better place.

Majed Abdulsamad
Major: Architecture
Exp. graduation: May 2016

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  1. gpdoyle says:



    It is our honor, on behalf of the Harvard Arab Alumni Association, the various Arab Student Organizations across campus, to welcome you all to the eighth annual Harvard Arab Weekend (HAW), taking place at Harvard University from the 6 – 9 of November, 2014.

    As the largest pan-Arab conference in North America, the Harvard Arab Weekend has prided itself on showcasing a mosaic of perspectives and insights on the most pressing issues in the Arab world. In 2011, the Harvard Arab Weekend was commended by the White House as “The Premier Arab World Conference” in North America. This year, we strive to uphold our venerable tradition of engaging discourses and informative debates.

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