To all journalists around the world…

“The courage in journalism is sticking up for the unpopular, not the popular.”

A picture of Foley at work
Photo credit

These are the words of Geraldo Rivera on journalism and if we want to mention an example from our reality, James W. Foley would be the perfect one.

From a teacher in Arizona to one in Chicago for Teach for America (TFA) to a journalist that worked in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and finally Syria, Foley appeared in almost all the hotspots of the world.

With nothing but his camera, Foley was trying to capture the ugliness and cruelty of war and all the inhumanity that it reflects. The war was ugly enough that it stole Foley’s life for no reason.

Usually people watch the news for a few minutes and they hear about a war here or there and that makes them disgusted but the reality is much worse. Photos and videos capture only part of the tragedy that is actually on ground but they still give a good reflection of the miserable situation of death, bombings and violence. Without journalists we wouldn’t be able to see these photos and videos.

Even though they are transferring the ugly truth to us, they are doing so to keep people enlightened and remind them that somewhere somehow others are suffering and they need our attention and help.

So to all the journalists in war zones, we need you and we salute you!

Syria is one place where many journalists lost their lives in order to show the truth about the war there. Not only Syrians but also non Syrians sacrificed their lives for their jobs. Rami Alsayed, a Syrian journalist who was trying to do just what Foley was doing, and was also killed doing his job.

To all the journalists fighting for us out there, your voice is making a difference and hopefully one day death will stop in my dear country.

In the end, I would like to say R.I.P to James Foley and to all the innocents lost in my dear country Syria.

R.I.P James W. Foley

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