The end of an era marks the beginning of a new one

A few month ago, it was my graduation ceremony, I finally earned that BSc degree that I’ve been working on for several years, and even though on that day I thought I would never come back to school, here I am, enrolled in a part-time Master program now at IIT, to earn a professional MS degree in Telecommunication and Software Engineering. Meanwhile, I am working full-time for Motorola Solutions which I did a Coop with last year.

Abd Arnaout

I study Computer Engineering at Illinois Institute of technology and I am graduating in Dec 2014. I started working as a system engineer then I moved to the new trend Dev Ops as an Intern at Goldman Sachs living a very impressive experience. I am looking for continuing in this same area of Dev Ops or as software developer after I graduate. And that all will be the start of my career life which I hope to grow and vary touching areas of efficiency, critical systems and also medical engineering and research. I also see myself doing masters and phd one day.

Amer Rez

I’m graduated from IIT with a degree in electrical engineering and right now I’m working for a company that is helping me fulfilling my dreams in a good working environment, It’s such a great company in wish I get a chance to build something new and can make a change.

Tareq Hamawi

My Name is Marcelle Hana, I’m a social and economic development policy major, I graduate in 2016, I’m the president of Syrian Club for the second time. I’m looking forward to achieve more events and accomplishments in the club and in my life as a social scientist and hopping to continue grad school after IIT. I wanted to keep you people updated with most of our successful graduate students -and almost grad students- (proud to call them Syrians), and looking forward to hear more achievements and news from everyone.

-Marcelle Hana

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