Central Park NYC


New York, one of the most famous states in the US and the destination of 50 million tourists every year; the state that never disappoints any tourist since it’s almost impossible to be bored in such an amazing and diverse place. From Times Square; the most crowded place on earth, to the Empire State Building, Wall Street, the Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge, the museums, Rockefeller Center, Grand Central and so on. Whatever you feel like doing, you can find it in New York.

On my first visit to New York I was just literally amazed by everything. Once a friend told me that in NY you feel like you are a dot. When I first heard that I thought that she was exaggerating. Like come on I live in Chicago and it’s not a small city but then I went to New York. After walking in 5th Avenue, I knew exactly what she was talking about; the huge buildings, the skyscrapers, the number of people in the streets; it was overwhelming but at the same time thrilling to see a place so alive.

My second visit to New York was for my internship and of course staying for work is much different than being a tourist. I saw what I can call the dark side of NY. It is such a fast paced city especially around the financial area. People are always in a hurry and almost no one is smiling (except for the tourists). Also the dirty streets were a shock to me. How could people throw their trash in the streets for god’s sake? It was hard for me to believe that there is no other way to deal with this.

One day I decided to go to Central Park since I’ve never been there and everyone keeps saying that it’s a very calm place even though I refused to believe that since it is impossible in NY. I went there and that was my second shock in New York. In the middle of the most crowded city ever (literally in the middle) there is this huge green space for people to enjoy. No skyscrapers, no trash bags, no subways, just an open green space of trees, lakes, a zoo, a garden, biking paths, walking paths etc. You see people enjoying life not in hurry like usual. Walking, biking, reading, playing their musical instruments, just doing whatever they want in a peaceful way and the most important thing “Smiling”. They are just enjoying life outside the madness on New York. That made me realize how such a calm place can help people escape this crazy fast paced world for a while and let them enjoy the peaceful side of life.




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