The Syrian Phoenix: Within all of us

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Through-out the human history, giving up has not been the solution for tragedies that faced societies. Passivity and surrendering does not resolve catastrophic conditions nor does it end wars and disasters that threaten the existence of people.

Only those who survived to tell their stories in our present days chose to rise again and fight, chose not to become history by not giving up on the future no matter how far or impossible to reach it seemed.

Today, Syrian people are at the edge of this challenge, millions of refugees living in horrible conditions, tens of billions of dollars worth of destruction and a lost generation without education and hope.

This challenge shall define the future of my country, are we going to be mentioned in history books as a great nation that once existed? Or do we believe in ourselves and in a better future that relies in the unknown and work for it night and day to go back to where we belong among those who write history with their sweat and blood.

I dream that Syria shall become the Phoenix of the third millenium rising from the dust to heights above and beyond our most optimistic dreams. I dream that we can reach a new height where we do not only rebuild everything that has been destroyed in our country in a transformative way, but also rebuild our society and our selves to meet the highest honor of freedom for all. 
I dream that our future will be based on our obligations and responsibilities to be a part of the human race to live in dignity, equality and freedom.
once heard a saying “he who believes that technology enabled human to reach the moon is mistaken, only belief made it possible” and so I believe we shall rise; like a Phoenix we rise.

Majed Abdulsamad

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