“Lost Generations: 150 university students kidnapped”


The educational crises in Syria continues across all of the major cities and has spread into neighboring countries. Articles have been written about a “lost generation” but the truth remains that unless we intervene with substantial and innovative approaches, we are, in fact, speaking about generations lost.

Elementary and secondary schools, and universities have too often become part of the battleground of the conflict – no longer places of learning, play and peaceful moments of one’s childhood and youth.

Moreover, we are beginning to learn at the start of every day that students have been killed or kidnaped all around Syria.

Students without universities in their hometowns are among those in the gravest danger because of their daily commute to further their projects, research and advanced higher education studies.  Traveling alone or with their friends presents untold daily challenges; that they continue to aspire to achieve their dreams amidst very dangerous circumstance speaks to their hope for the future of Syria; but these risks are too much and we should never ask this of our young people.

And yet, in spite of these obstacles and in full knowledge of the possibilities, the students in Syria rise each day to continue their education and they refuse to let the war stop them from that.

And then there are times when students disappear, and we are silent.

A few days ago about 150 university students were kidnaped – reportedly by a few ISIS members (the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria) and till this day we know nothing about them.

Why should this be the case?

Below is a link that has the details about the kidnaped students


Suhaib Ibrahim

Civil Engineering- Dec2014


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