Drawing and Painting Together: This is Why Syria Still Has a Chance.


As the conflict in Syria enters the 4th year now, people – especially children – are still suffering from the horrible crisis in their lives. They are forced to leave their homes, their history, their school and their professions – as well as the memories and lives that had been built over so many years.

Children are suffering the most during this conflict; according to latest UN numbers more than 5.5 million Syrian kids are impacted by the ongoing war. At Jasmine Baladi Studio, an NGO formed shortly after the start of the war, we know that these children are the future of Syria, and by helping them we are building a bright future for Syria.

We know how important our mission is, and we are working to building the future leaders – and learners – who will be the main foundation to help to bring the country back on its feet. This is a video for the Spring carnival (March 2014) that Jasmine Balaldi Studio supported for hundreds of children; we are grateful for the resilience of the children, the spirit of their parents and families amidst so much hardship and for our supporters whose generosity turns silence into laughter and joy.

Because we know that in the future we would love to remember these moments; we made sure to capture each of our lovely kids while they are having fun with Jasmine Baladi Studio.


’’Let me draw Syria after 10 years “


”Jasmine Baladi Studio superheroes”


”Our paintings reveal our dreams.”


”This is how we build our future cities”

And it will be my dream that some of these students will one day attend Illinois Institute of Technology to build and contribute to their future cities in Syria, and in many other parts of the world where their dreams and lives will take them.

Suhaib Ibrahim
Civil Engineering
Expected graduation date: Dec 2014

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