Two of the Syrian Women at IIT share their thoughts about TEDxIIT:

“We are all looking forward to the TEDx event happening tomorrow (April 5th) at IIT. This year, we even have more reasons to be excited about this event, as our Syrian friend Raed Tawil will be there as one of the speakers. This is the first time a Syrian student from IIT gets the opportunity to speak and inspire people at such a well renowned event. In 2013, there were more than 30,000 global viewers for the live stream and we are hoping for even more viewers this year. Everyone should absolutely watch it live tomorrow Sat, April 5, 2014 9am – 5pm by using this link http://bit.ly/txi14live.”


“Many of us have enjoyed watching TED talks, the online videos of scientists, artists, inventors and others talking about their work and I believe that these videos can be vehicles for genuine learning For example they enable self-directed, “just-in-time” learning because video viewers choose which talks to watch and when to watch them, they’re able to tailor their education to their own needs. Also they encourage viewers to build on what they already know.
We all are looking forward to TEDx event at IIT specially that one of the Syrians here, Raed Tawil will be there as one of the speakers.
I encourage everyone to watch it Saturday, April 5, 2014”


A link to TEDxIIT’s page:


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