The Mosaic of Syria


We, as Syrians
have represented many peoples
for thousands of years,
many religions and nationalities.

I discovered that across the different layers of my society
when someone is good at something,
a scientist, an artist, a cook, a guitarist, a programmer, an athlete,
too often, she/he always seeks to prove himself alone, and plays solo.

Too often, the creativity of one competes with that of the others instead of combining.
We don’t (yet) have the mentality of cooperation and team work,
So we can do something bigger, and better, together.

I wish
that here, and now
we can do something, and learn (or unlearn what had been instilled)
together, so we can do more.

Our differences establish our strength
and become the element that unites us.

If we choose division,
We will surely fade away.

if we
engage with others,
then, I (and you, and we) can create a new momentum
where we can combine our talents
to create a fingerprint for a new Syrian society.


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