The heroes of The Syrian Arab Red Crescent


Every day the number of martyrs and injured people increases in Syria. Bombs, mortars, missiles and other weapons ruin the lives of many Syrians every day. This horrible situation requires a huge number of volunteers who are ready to put their lives in risk in order to save others.

The Syrian Arab Red Crescent is one of the organizations that are helping people in Syria. Many young men and woman are devoting their time and putting their lives at the stake in order to provide humanitarian aid to people in need. Many of them lost their lives and others were shot or got a serious injury but that didn’t stop their mission. They are working day and night with the Syrian people to provide food and shelter to every Syrian.

So I want to send a big thank you to the heroes of the SARC and other organizations who are giving us hope and showing us the true meaning of humanity.

Aid convoy to old city of Homs
Helping people in Al Yarmouk Camp, Damascus


A link to the Syrian Arab Red Crescent’s Facebook page:

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