Hope. Great Expectations (and sustainable resolutions) for 2014!


“A few hours before 2013 becomes a history and a number, I only wish for one thing: that is, that I never forget for a minute the sacrifices being made every day in my country of Syria in order for me and the future generation to live a better life.

That is all I need in order for me to do my part of the “make the world a better place” dream. With everyone’s small contributions in 2014, this world will be a better place and I shall start on my behalf.”

Majed Abdulsamad


“Even though 2013 was a long and hard year for me while I was watching Syria, my home and my country, being destroyed, people getting killed, families losing their homes and their loved ones; so many children lost their right to living a normal childhood.

At the same time I learned a lot, and I met so many people who changed my life. I also learned that no matter how far I am Syria will always be in my heart.

Now, while I am standing at the door of 2014, I am holding in my heart the good things that happened to me in 2013. As we begin the New Year, I wish that 2014 brings the peace and happiness to my country and for all the world; may this be the year that we recover and heal all the broken hearts.

I am praying that 2014 gives all the children their stolen laughs. And to give me more chances to learn how to be a better human being. Happy New Year.”

Salam Abdulrazzak

…. — .–. .

“This New Year is missing something; it is missing being between our families and in our lovely country Syria. Wherever we are, no place can replace our country. I hope 2014 will bring peace to our country and our people.”

Firas Fallah

104 111 112 101

“A miserable year for Syrians has just passed away and 2014 has just arrived.

I hope nothing for myself; all that I hope and wish for is better circumstances for Syria: that the war comes to an end; that all prisoners are released; that there are no more refugees; and that there are no more deaths because of cold – is that too much to ask for?

I really hope to see at least one – if not all of these events – wishes come to fruition in 2014. Peace upon you and Happy New Year.”

Mohamad Alaliwi


“I see 2013 as a transformational year in terms of obtaining the right tools and platform to turning my plans into a actions. I gained confidence, fueled my energy and took on many challenging projects that added on significant amount of value, knowledge and perspective to my existing plans and goals.

2013 was amazing for one main reason, empowering me into believing how change is possible and how powerful one individual can be. But at the same time, it was a devastating year for Syria what makes it eventually imperfect. However, through my relationships with Syrians at IIT – whom on daily basis are giving me rays of hope that I am heavily counting on regarding Syria’s future – I restore my confidence and believe again in a brighter future that will include all Syrians.”

George Batah


“I wish we can change the future of Syria like we changed our future in IIT.”

Suhaib Ibrahim


“As the hours approach a new calendar year, it is a great chance for each of us to ask him or her self, how can I improve my self in the New Year, and to make our resolutions more than a list but rather an accounting of our responsibility to ourselves, to each other, to our families, to our country – Syria.

For me, 2013 was a turning point in my life. I am so grateful for the lessons that I have learned from my family, my peers and the new individuals and communities that have been brought into my life, and for what I have been able to achieve and for the efforts contributed to those around me. But now all what I can think about is Syria, my beloved country. We have just started a blank page in the book of Syria’s history.

I hope this year will be written with the ink of coexistence as we used to be – as we must be – and hopefully will always be.”

Safouh Takrouri


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