Let’s Research and Publish!

I’ve been staring at a blank page for a while now. I am at a sad situation of speechlessness. Or should I say that I have so many thoughts clouded in my head that I don’t know where to start to sound “appropriate”?

Being Syrian, there are a million ways to start an article, especially if it is about something like research when your country is in a war situation. Should I start by saying that I am very aware of the bleeding tragedy in my home country? I LOVE my country. I love it very much and this is why I am writing this article.

Growing up in Syria, most of us listened to Fairouz in the morning, passed by places that are thousands of years old on our way to school, and learned about how great our ancestors were.

At some point in history, things went wrong and we started copying others instead of coming up without own ideas. There are many reasons for this, but being unable to come up with our own ideas is definitely not one of them.

Syrians are academically smart and continue to prove this wherever they go. It is about time that we use this to rise with our country. Now this is where the war situation comes into thought. Let the war end first and then we can think about this, right? Well, no. I don’t know when this is going to end. Do you? I definitely understand what it is like to be in this war situation. I only came to the US one year ago and everything is very vivid on my mind. My loved ones are still there.

Syrians scholars, however, are not all in the same dangerous situation. Many are out of the country, and many are still studying in a relatively safe situation. What I dream of seeing all of us do is this. If you are a Syrian scholar doing a project anywhere in the world, take some time to think of how you would apply whatever you are researching in Syria if it is applicable. If it is not applicable, what would be applicable then? (Oh and the country being at war situation is not a valid reason J ).

Translating -in high quality- is very important too. It removes the language barrier for those who have the ideas but lack the language knowledge. By starting to do this, not only do we create hope, but we also create a plan for Syria. This is not about living in denial, it is about having our ideas ready for our country that has given us nothing but love and safety for a very long time. It is now bleeding, and while we, scholars, might not be able to end the complex war situation our beloved country is in, we are able to plan for the peace and prosperity of our country.


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  1. I really love your patriotism and positiveness about Syria. I always enjoy reading this blog and rest assured I have found a good reason to. One thing that strikes my mind is how (very people does this by the way ) you chose not to follow the tide of blaming the system but instead inspire people to change at the same time reminding them from the plight. As a Zimbabwean , I have learnt a lot from you blog and as an African I cherish in it, Well done !!!

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