AAAEA – IIT CHAPTER; A new vision and a promising start

AAAEA Board Members
AAAEA Board Members

The Arab American Association for Engineers and Architects – IIT Chapter was established last semester “spring 2013”.  Last semester, we had great events, and we were able to attract a lot of members to join our student organization and benefit from what we offer, like connecting them with professionals, preparing them for professional life throughout multiple workshops in resume editing, and offering scholarship by the Illinois chapters for academically successful students.

Our plan for this semester was to expand our member base and grow as a student organization at IIT, because we believe that students at IIT will benefit from our events.

We managed to concentrate on publicity, knowing that good publicity is the main key to attract students. Also, having events that best fits IIT community and meet their interests is a very important factor we took care of. On the other hand, and in order to succeed as a student organization, we believe that knowing what the university wants from a student organization helps a lot, because being able to collaborate with the university offices will lead to better results since that the goal of all university offices is to help students, and here is where student organizations goals and the university goals meet.

As a board, we knew that teamwork is the only way to achieve the organization’s goals, and with each event, tasks were given to every member in our board. Using this method, we made sure that each member contributed in the event success and the credit goes for everyone. This method was a game changer because of its influence on the board. By each event, each board member knew that he/she did his/her job properly which generates a feel of satisfaction and importance in each one of them, and creates a driving force to give more and continue with their achievements.

At the end of August, our organization was chosen as the organization of the month for our positive contribution to IIT, and as always the credit goes to everyone in the board member for their great efforts.

2013 – 2014 Board Members:

Student Advisor – Rami

President – Munzer

Vice President – Muzaffar

Secretary – Hedaia

National Liaison – Sima

Publicity Manager – Safouh

Web Master – Mousa


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