Design, Computer Science & making a difference

Syrian students at the I-Fest wearing the T-shirt designed by Jamal
Original design of the T-Shirt

Few weeks ago, I read about a competition for designing a shirt to be used in the I-fest (International fest) event in school, and luckily my design was chosen to be printed on shirts.

This made me so happy, not only because I won, but because I was able to make a difference in people’s life somehow, seeing hundreds of my friends in school wearing the shirt delighted me.

I think the power of design; is the ability to make difference of others’ life, and computer science gives the same power, yet on a bigger scale; and that’s actually one of the main reasons about why I chose Computer Science to be my major; when you design an application, and you see people using it worldwide, and help them in their life in various ways, it gives you a great feeling, and this feeling is really priceless.

I believe that nations, organizations, or even individuals, should contribute and try to do something to improve other people’s life by any mean, because the power of innovation and design is the way for a sustainable and successful life.


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