1st Annual Jusoor Conference – reflections a year later

A few words from the Syrian students who attended Jusoor’s 1st Annual Conference:

About a year ago, I had the great opportunity of traveling to New York to attend the first Jusoor Annual Conference. With the generous help of the Asfari foundation travel scholarship, I flew there for an amazing weekend!
I remember how happy I was to see this large amount of people that are so dedicated to helping other Syrians despite their very busy lives and schedules. Not only were the speeches inspiring, but they were also well researched. They were directed at understanding the consequences of the crisis in Syria, as well as suggesting solutions and learning from the experiences of other countries and communities that went through the same issues. It is organizations like Jusoor that bring us all together to work on our one and mutual goal of rebuilding our country and educating our youth.
Having attended the First Jusoor-NYC Iftar, and the very successful first conference of Jusoor, I am very happy to see the Jusoor’s network expanding exponentially, and cannot wait to hear about all the progress and ideas that will come from the second one!
After 8 hours fly coming from Germany, I still remember that glorious moment, I was approaching New York City, when the famous skyline of the city started to appear. First impression was: a feeling of awe! Second impression was: if people could collaborate and build such an amazing city in no time, then people’s power is limitless.
At morning of November 17, 2012, the moment the First Jusoor Annual Conference kicked off. People gathered from around the world, I have never seen in my life so many extraordinary and inspiring people gathering at the same time and same place. Jusoor did a fantastic job gathering those great people. I was humbled to be among them. Listened to the most interesting stories, learned a great deal about myself, Syria, and the world. People were so enthusiastic to give and contribute. There was an incredible energy and momentum in that conference room.
Reflecting on that today, just hours before the beginning of the second Jussor Annual Conference in London. I am feeling so hopeful, I am feeling so grateful, and I want to say: Thank you! Gerald Doyle, Megan Mozina, and IIT for believing in me and all the other Syrian students, you lifted us up. Thank you, Rania Succar and the Jusoor team for the remarkable achievements, for standing up and doing something, a big thing. Thank you, Ayman Asfari and Asfari foundation for the generous support. And thank you, to all the people who helped make that conference a success, Syrians and friends of Syrians. I wish all the success to the second Jusoor annual conference in London – To you and to all the people around the world: Let’s build a future, let’s make history.

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