Daughters for Life – and an abundance of gratitude

After a very eventful and life transforming year of my life, I still remain speechless when it comes to all the people that gave me a push forward and provided me with scholarships to follow my dreams and rise to my potential. Today, I would like to thank Dr. Izzeldin Abuleish, the founder of the Daughters for Life (DFL) organization.

Despite losing three of his girls in Palestine, Dr. Izzeldin did not lose his faith in world peace. In fact, it seems like his loss pushed him to fight more vigorously towards it. By establishing the Daughters for Life organization, he continues to empower young women to pursue their dreams and rise with their societies. I was one of these lucky young women.

Studying at IIT with the help of the help of DFL, my life was completely changed; I started aiming higher. 
I had an internship with Goldman Sachs in New York, became a DAAD-RISE scholar in Germany, and continue to pursue my graduation at IIT. I would have never been able to achieve any of this without the generous help of DFL, Jusoor and IIT. So thank you very much Dr. Izzeldin for changing my life, and the lives of many other girls around the world!
To learn more about this, please visit these sites:
Daughters for Life Foundation: http://daughtersforlife.com/devdfl2013/

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