A story of ambition, Jusoor Syrians Forward Together

In a couple of weeks from today, the second annual conference for Jusoor organization will be held in London, UK. The organization that started with an ambitious initiative by young Syrians living outside Syria and with the help of people from various countries from around the world is now celebrating its 2nd annual conference, and this means a lot to me and to many other Syrians.

I will be honest for a moment here, I have never thought that initiatives by such small groups of people living outside the country with no political views, or any governmental continuous funding could actually make a difference in the Syrian catastrophic situation. I don’t know why I never had such faith, maybe because I have never seen a similar project starting off in those crucial days of our lives and succeeding in my local community.

Today, with more than 23 thousand followers on Facebook and other social media websites, this idea has reached out to touch a lot of young hopes and dreams. It changed not only the few hundreds who have received help to get admission in different universities around the globe, but also every one who dared to think about attending an international level university and study in a different language and maybe start over from scratch.
I have always wanted to ask one of the board members this question, did you know it was going to be this big? Have you ever thought how many families will be influenced by your initiative? Do you realize how noble it is to give people hope and a spark of light in the middle of the darkness?

I am sure they had some estimations regarding the numbers of applicants and students interested in studying abroad and not giving up on their dreams of continuing their education. Somehow this initiative seems to be limitless. Their funding is definitely limited by the generous donations they collect annually, so are their human resources since they are volunteers. But their impact range is expanding as they started the Syrian refugees education program -which I was honored to be a part of for a short period- and their hope for the bright future of Syria.

I can not be thankful enough for this group and every single person who have been a part of this story of success whether by donating or by volunteering in one of their numerous programs, or even just by supporting with generous words.

I believe that the future of Syria relies on the ambitious initiatives such as this one, and together we will reach the goal that Rania Succar, leadership team member in Jusoor, talked about in last year’s conference; A better future for Syrians that they deserve.


To learn more about Jusoor:

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