Public parks; the only place to escape this ugly world

Every day my mother and my aunt go to a famous public park in Aleppo and walk there for 30 minutes. They go early in the morning when the weather is still cool and the city is still waking up. The park is huge, it has a lot of green spaces, a lot of trees, a lot of beautiful colorful flowers that smell great and fresh. There are a lot of seats under the trees where the shadows of the trees fall on the seats making a perfect spot to sit and relax. They usually walk in the park then they sit on one of these seats and have a cup of coffee. They sit there and open many conversations, mostly about the latest news and how life is becoming more difficult every day. I also happen to be the center of some of these conversations, the internet service provider which we are subscribed to at our home got damaged in one of the bombings and we lost internet connection at our house since then. My mother could not get my news anymore and she had to go to our relatives and use their internet to call me or check my latest news. I started to send my news as messages to my aunt, sometimes I send pictures too, she shows them to my mother every morning when they go to the park. That made my mom very happy. It was the only source for her to get my news for sometime.

When I think about this daily routine of my mother and aunt, I realize that this part of the day is the most important one at all. Even though it’s very simple, but I’m sure that without this daily routine, their lives would become ten times harder, as if the situation itself is not hard enough. It is simply the only time of the day where there’s no stress and there is a beautiful scene to enjoy. I haven’t noticed how much important public parks are before. But now I can see the big role these parks play in the city life. I don’t have an idea when was the first public parks built in history, but I’m pretty sure that the people who were responsible of designing the city streets and public areas were very right when they thought about this and they did a great job. After all the destruction the last two and a half years have brought, and with all the collapsed buildings and the dangerous areas everywhere, there weren’t a lot of places left where you can have a peaceful time and relax. The park also is one of the very few places left that politics have not ruined yet, anybody from any background and political point of view can go there and enjoy nature, specially those who do not have anything beautiful left in their lives but their old memories.

I strongly wish that no future attacks nor bombings target or damage any public park, a lot of people depend on them everyday to endure the exhausting everyday life.


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