“Syria will need all of us” – With an academic career spanning more than 30 years, Professor Momary teaches in calm, and crisis

A photo of University of Damascus, Syria

This is the 2nd post in the Series about Syrian researchers and scientists including their work, their research and idea as well as their contributions to university students like myself, the IIT Syrian students, and thousands of others. We are grateful for their service to learning and higher education in Syria and to our world.

As I begin the 6th week of my academic studies at Illinois Institute of Technology, I well understand that the foundation for my university studies has been broadly influenced and shaped by the many fine scholars across our Syrian institutions of higher education. While we are experiencing extensive crisis across our country and within our universities, dedicated faculty continue to breathe life and inspiration into the learning environment and into the minds of future scholars, researchers, engineers, scientists, entrepreneurs, and leaders of our nation. These faculty members represent the path forward that will help us in the future to rebuild our country after all what we suffered.

In this post I would like to introduce you to Professor Jamal Momary.

In 1983, Jamal Momary graduated among the top 10 of this class in Civil Engineering at Damascus University as an undergraduate. His academic accomplishments earned him a place at Kiev Institute where he earned Ph.D. (1994) in the fields of Building and Construction; his dissertation focused on “Descriptive Geometry and Engineering Drawing.”

Teaching within the Engineering Department at the University of Damascus, Professor Jamal has served as head of Geometric Representation for over 15 years. Professor Jamal regularly teaches Engineering Drawing and Industrial Drawing; his publishing includes 10 books designated for teaching and research. In addition, Professor Jamal is currently working on 5 new works to be published by Damascus University.

My memory of Professor Jamal recalls a time is no matter how much the problem was complicated he was always able to find an easy way to help the student in solving it.

We had the occasion to talk briefly since my arrival at Illinois Tech in which he offered the following advice to me: “Syria will need all of us to survive these crises “

As a reader of this blog post, if you are an industry professional and/or a faculty member with a shared interest, please contact me; I would be pleased to make the introduction to Professor Jamal in other to advance the academic and research base of Syria and to support the intellectual and research environment of our country while we are in the midst of extreme conflict.

As former President Clinton regularly remarks, “We accomplish more, when we work together.”


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