The American System Built-Homes

Photo from showing Three of the six American System-Built Homes

In 1912 architect Frank Lloyd Wright came up with a project called “The American System Built-Houses” his goal was to make it possible to any Person who has an average income to be able to live in one of his houses. A total of 13 houses were known to have been constructed in the United States.

This example is an early example of prefabricated housing. The “System” involved cutting the lumber and other materials in a mill of factory to be brought to the site for assembly. This would save material waste and substantial fraction of the wages paid to skilled tradesmen. America’s entry to World War 1 halted the sale and developments of these houses, building materials were diverted to wartime need.

While working on analyzing one of these houses for studio, I found out that these houses were reconstructed few years ago and are used as museums nowadays.

People from all around the US visit them because it is interesting that Wright was able to accomplish this great project 100 years ago. Most of the houses are located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on West Burnham Street which is preserved by the government because it has five Frank Lloyd Wright’s houses in a row.


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