An Extraordinary Year


It’s been exactly one year since I came to the United States. An extraordinary experience that changed my life, more than I have ever thought it would be.

Studying in IIT and living here changed a lot about me, but at the same time it allowed me to discover more about myself and what I really want to do; it gave me a better idea about how can I improve myself, work hard, and make a “ding” in the world, but more importantly it taught me how collaboration and making connections with people is a fundamental part for creating a better tomorrow for the humanity.

I am really thankful for the outstanding educational system in the United States and in Illinois Institute of Technology– it really expanded my horizons and strengthened my scientific thinking skills.

I am really happy and excited to be living in one of the most amazing experiences that humanity ever did, America, a country where people come from all around the world to work for a better future for humanity.


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