Interning at the Ministry of Transportation in Egypt


It is always hard to get an internship related to your major when you are a first year undergraduate student.

This summer, I went to Egypt to spend the summer with my family who are living there now with intentions of finding an internship during this period, but being a first year civil engineering student, I wasn’t expecting a job related to my major.

I started searching and contacting people and after a long time a Jusoor mentor passed on a job opportunity announcement at the Ministry of Transportation in Egypt to me throughout her connections. I sent my resume by email, got an interview and got accepted afterwards.

The first two weeks were all about getting to know the mentors and doing office work, which actually helped me understand the working methods and techniques of the ministry. Then, I transferred to the transportation center of excellence office at the ministry where I started to learn AutoCAD and worked on communication tower retrofitting projects.

Furthermore, the atmosphere at the office was really interesting, and the team spirit was clearly noticed. It was really amazing to see how employees work on projects, split tasks, and help each other. I have also noticed the importance of deadlines in my major.

This internship was a very beneficial experience to me because it is so much related to my major of study, and because I was able to learn how to work professionally on very important programs such as AutoCAD and Photoshop.


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