IIT Alumni and Faculty – paying it forward

Through my summer internship at Cambium Networks, and while working with Motorola Solutions for almost half of my time, I have met many IIT Alumni here and there. My mentor introduced me to a lot of engineers and managers who were IIT undergrad or grad students. He himself was an IIT grad student when he had his Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering. Whenever we walked through the offices at CN or MSI, and every time we met new engineers to work on mutual projects, he would start a conversation with them and say: “Hey have you met Ray? He’s our new intern, and he’s also from IIT!” And then a conversation follows about their memories of IIT when they were students.

The cool thing is they all had different experiences in IIT when they were students, but they all somehow asked me about the same things. A lot of conversations were about how IIT was before MTCC and SSV existed, when MSV was first built, how the Bog has changed, and many other things. They asked me about many professors if they were still teaching at IIT. Some of these professors don’t teach at IIT anymore, whether because they retired or because they passed away. But for those who were still teaching in IIT, it’s mind blowing how we both shared the same exact opinion about the professors. Like Professor Geoffrey Williamson who is my adviser, we all agreed on how brilliant his mind is and how his advice really helps you go through the semester with confidence. My mentor told me a story that’s at least 20 years old about how Prof. Williamson helped understand differential equations more by suggesting a book. He still remembers this story till today because of the improvement of his skills in differential equations after reading this book.

It was a great experience meeting with IIT alumni at work and hearing about their stories and their life while in IIT and after graduating. It added more reasons for me to be a proud member of the IIT family seeing the alumni working in really great places with important positions and high level of skills in all the various fields of technology. Only year left for me and then I’ll also become a proud IIT alumnus who will hold the name of this great institution somewhere in this world.


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  1. gpdoyle says:

    Here’s an excerpt from the Illinois Institute of Technology’s Alumni magazine which references Professor Williamson’s interest in science and birding:

    “Williamson’s birding avocation and his science vocation seem to share common traits. “Every trip we have gone on together results in an email from him listing the exact number of species that we may have seen that day,” says Baker. “Geoff applies the same energy and precision to birding as he does to his academic and research work in electrical engineering.” Williamson, who investigates system and signal analysis in various applications through the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, is currently collaborating with two other institutions on a project studying the causes of kidney damage from high blood pressure and is focusing his efforts on the dynamic response of the microvasculature to blood pressure changes.

    While Williamson brings an energy and precision to his birding, birding brings to Williamson a rewarding way to experience the natural world. He explains that a reason why birding is so rewarding is that both seeing and identifying a particular bird can be quite challenging. But it is a challenge Williamson relishes. “In trying to see many different kinds of birds, you are led to visit a wide range of places that you might not go to otherwise.” For Williamson, this may mean a trip to as yet unvisited corners of the country in search of his 651st bird, while for others it may be as simple as standing at the base of the Man on a Bench tree and looking up.”

    To learn more, please visit:


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