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NSString, Serial Queue, NSArray, XML Parsing, Multithreading…….. a lot of programmers would be tempted to write a blog post like this a mumbo jumbo of words that a few of people understand. They might not just be tempted but actually enjoy using the lingo they use in their everyday coding That’s totally wrong.
In this post I am going to tell you about 3 Lessons coding my app taught me.

Design for Humans:
We are living in a world of technologies that enable us (people) to reach the world around us, and in a very competitive software market, where a few milliseconds of lagging might make users press the home button and delete your app. So please when you want to do an app or anything try your best to KISS hehe, no not kiss but (Keep It Simple Stupid). Expect a wide range of users and try to make your app as intuitive and easy as you can. This not just about Apps or programming, it’s the same if you are designer, an architect or even a teacher, even when you talk or write or you want to communicate any message to anyone; try your best to use simple words and to make sure you understand the backgrounds of the people you are trying to convey the message to.

Be Willing to Fail:
This might sound wrong, but actually if you are doing something new like learning a new skill, or expanding in a new domain, remember this be willing to fail. While I was learning (Objective-C),the programming language, and actually working on the App I had many doubts about my skills and whether my app will be approved or not, and publishing an app to the store requires you to pay for a developer license, and this made my doubts even grow larger, what if I purchased the license and my app didn’t get published, I’d lose a lot and what if and what if and……. Whenever you get these feelings STOP IT just STOP IT. be brave and say to yourself “If I weren’t afraid what would I do?” and the answer would probably be quite simple do it, and try. Failure will only make of you a wiser person. and teach you more than any thing else.

Follow Your Passion:
I have always been passionate about programming or designing things that people will use in their daily life, so I can maybe add a value to their life. and this makes me “insanely happy”. When I learnt how to code in school, most of the coding you learn in first year doesn’t include anything about creating a good user experience or designing interfaces, it’s all about basics of computer science, but I was really passionate about how to create the things I use in my daily life. I always questioned how these apps I use everyday are coded. during this summer I learnt the basics of iOS, Apple Mobile Operating System, and I became really passionate about it. I couldn’t stop thinking for a moment about coding. I spent too much time and faced hardships that were really time consuming, but honestly, I enjoyed not just enjoyed; not the write word to describe how I felt. I actually “LOVED” every moment I spent coding it.

What’s Next?
few days ago I read an article in Foreign Policy titled “Can Silicon Valley Save the World?
I personally have no doubt about that. Computers and Information Technology Industry is changing the world everyday, weather it’s the arab spring or education in remote areas, or something as amazing and cosy as Instagram to share our experiences with friends. I think Information Technology will continue to change the world. and I hope someday I will code better apps that will solve bigger problems and help people, make their life easier and add something to their lives.

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  1. Interns from South Korea via a program at IIT have been working with me since 2006, creating visualizations of strategies that build and sustain a network of youth serving organizations throughout a geographic region. I host the work at and encourage students from your network to join in. You can apply the ideas to the Middle East, or to Chicago, or any other city.

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