The pursuit of Happiness

It has been three weeks since I started working in my internship an Engineering firm downtown Chicago, and This is the first time I work full-time in The United States.

After more than 10 months in School and becoming friends with people who lived here all their life, I mistakenly thought that I learnt everything one can learn about the American Culture, but the truth, it is quite different, working full-time made me realize how the American work culture is different from anything I have experienced before.

Full time jobs are the ones that require you to work approximately 8 hours, which can be really stressful experience, for instance, I go early in the morning and return back to my room at 5:30 PM which leave me with a very limited time to do any of the activities I used to do before.

On the other hand, the working environment is so much comfortable; coworkers are really helpful, nice and smiling frequently.

I noticed that few coworkers (Mostly young engineers) spend their free time shopping on Amazon*. browsing amazing gadgets they want to buy; I Think this explain a lot of America’s culture people work hard to survive, and then to buy things that will improve the quality of their life and make them happier.

And this remind me of Benjamin Franklin quote: “The U. S. Constitution doesn’t guarantee happiness, only the pursuit of it. You have to catch up with it yourself.”

So people here work really hard, to provide their families and themselves with the highest quality of life they can afford.

This experience taught me and still teaching me a lot about the value of work, and time in particular. actually it made me realize how *holy* are Saturdays and Sundays for all people working full-time jobs.

*Amazon is an online shopping website


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