Tremendous people

Through nine months of expatriation, each second felt like getting back home and seeing family and friends. At the end I decided to go back and spend my summer break back home. However, when I got on the plane, the first thoughts that came to my mind after all the experience I had in the US were: What am I doing? Where am I going? Going to a dead country where blood is being spilt on the streets, where there’s no life, going to see my country’s people killing each other as what I heard and saw on the news?.

But when I got home, I saw how people are living even though the bad situation and all of what is happening. They go to their work as nothing is going on, even they’re all aware about the risk around them, but they just don’t care. You can see the traffic crowd, a line of people waiting to get their chance of bread, not caring about anything that may happen to them, not caring about the shells, about the fires, about the explosions. Despite all their different political views and opinions you can see the love among them. I was really surprised, I knew how coward I am, and felt ashamed of myself.

I really respect my country’s people who just want to live in peace as others do, they even deserve more, I respect that people who are trying to find the happiness in each dark and sad spot, and I am proud of them and proud to be Syrian. All I wish and can say god bless and protect these tremendous Syrian people.


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