Syria Today


I came back to Syria after nine months to find changes worth of three years. The first two days were great; I saw my family, my friends, and everyone that I’ve missed over the past year.

At first I felt that the situation is getting better and I was happy about it, but then it shocked me that it’s not anything better, it’s actually worse, but people got used to war, got used to listening to gun shots and bombings all day. People haven’t worked in almost three years now, and some of them already lost their shops and offices and their way of living. people are afraid to send their children to schools and universities, most of them started to think about finding a way to leave the country as soon as possible so they can start new lives outside Syria.

The scenes of the destroyed neighborhoods have increased, which also increased the number of the homeless people all around the different destroyed cities. I didn’t need a lot of time to realize that it might not take more than five years to rebuild the destroyed cities after this war, but it’s going to take years for people from different religions to be able to love, trust, and live with each other like they used to do before, as Syria was always known for its kind people.  What I see in Syria today hurts, it is a real tragedy!


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  1. gpdoyle says:


    Thank you for a terrific and honest post; your words somehow guided me to this effort 5″ 4 Syria which I share with you and others now; these artists and community members are taking up the good work you describe that will must take place in the hearts, minds and hands of all to heal and move a nation and region forward.

    (every wednesday at noon)
    5 segundos por semana por Siria
    5 seconds per week for Syria
    5 secondes par semaine pour la Syrie
    (خمس ثوان في الاسبوع من اجل سوريا)

    Perhaps you will be able to write another post shortly after next Wednesday at noon; we will do the same from Chicago.

    Warmest regard to you, your family, and all in Syria and the neighboring countries, or wherever Syrians awake today and are honored for those who have departed.

    Jerry and the Gomez-Doyle Family

  2. Raed Tawil says:

    Thank you Farah for this post. It’s very sad and touching but it’s the truth. Be safe.

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